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Welcome Varadero

We are pleased to welcome you to Varadero, the most famous beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean.
The transparency of the waters, the diferent tones of blue, the fine white sand, the warm climate, the vegetation and the open landscape turn this location into an unforgettable resort. It's located only 140 Km from Havana City, on the norht coast of the province of Matanzas, and close to the cities of Matanzas and Cardenas, both of them full of history and heritage and cultural values.
From Varadero you may come to know all places in Cuban geography. We will also provide for you our typical cocktails and the quality of our food, the goog music, the Cuban joy, our dances and culture in its diferent expressions.
All sea related sports have their ideal place in Varadero. There is also an excellent Golf course with 18 holes.
Varadero is also very proud to offer a great security for its visitors as well as the warmth and hospitality of its people that is always willing to share its joy, culture and European and African roots. Come to enjoy whit us all the blue of the Caribbean and you will be sure that Varadero is more than a dream; Varadero is for you. offers you: informations about Varadero, hotels in Varadero, restaurants in Varadero, beachs, travel information and more...